Magazine article The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Excerpts from the Best of Conde

Magazine article The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Excerpts from the Best of Conde

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Politics Is the Great Aphrodisiac

Herman Cain ran tor president al the wrong time. He chose an era when it's not about the female gender in presidential politics but about the macho factor in the White House.

Macho as in skirt-chasing. History tells us the allure of femme fatale has been going on since George Washington's days.

Cain, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO, was on the road toward a presidential bid when several women accused him of sexual indiscretions. Cain called it quits,

Historians say John Adams used his vice president to procure the ladies. Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding supposedly kept paramours. Then there was John F. Kennedy.

President Clinton got impeached for his distortions in the "Zippergatc Affair" with ''that woman."

Historian Merle Miller writes of some of LBJ's episodes as a wolf. Once after a bedroom liaison at the 1960 Democratic convention, LBJ, in leaving, held out his hand to his partner and said, "Ah want to thank you for yore help to my campaign."

In Mexico, Better the Devil You Know

There's an old Spanish saying, "Mas vale el Diablo conocido que diablo por conocer? which could be applied to the recent presidential elections in Mexico that returned the once impregnable Institutional Revolutionary Party (PR!) to the presidency after an unexpected 12-year hiatus.

The proverb, known in English as "better the devil you know than the devil you don't," takes on special significance in Mexican politics.

In 2000, Mexicans booted the PRI out of power, ending its 71year dynasty. They elected as presidents members of a fledgling political party, the National Action Party- (PAN), that promised a new political dawn.

Voters send PAN to an early sunset in the July 2012 presidential elections and reconciled with the PRI in the form of a handsome political charmer who might not have an impressive political resume but makes up for it with smarts and brio.

Meet the new president of Mexico, the PRI's Enrique Peña Nieto, 45, a one-term governor from the state of Mexico that surrounds Mexico City.

His biggest challenge is governance that doesn't depict the old ways of PRI. He says the demise of the parly has been vastly overstated because "PRI knows how to govern.''

In the PRI style, yes, and that's what worries many of the Mexico people.

Spanish Aphorisms the Mexican Way

language is mankind's greatest tool. There are about 5.000 languages spoken in the world today, a third in Africa.

Today more than 500 million in the world speak Spanish. A majority are in Mexico and Latin America.

I love its elegance and expressiveness. I am Mexican, and I speak Spanish in the Mexican vernacular, more precisely the Ta\-Mcx variety.

Mexicans pride themselves as speaking proper Spanish, but they can also pull out the colloquial.

If there is one word that is authentically Mexican, it's chinga.

It has countless meanings from praise to insult. Every Mexican can probably describe his life and that of others with that word, El mas chingon (the leader); el chinga quedito (a pest) ; Paso en chinga (He sped by); Vale una chingada (He's worthless); Hubo chingasos (There was a fight) ; Vete a la chingada (Get lost); Hablar chingaderas (talk nonsense) .

There's one word you never, ever want to utter to a Mexican because you have just bought yourself a fight.

It's chinga tu madre, and, well, yon get die meaning.

It's Barack Obama, Stupid

The Republican presidential conlenders are out on the hustings killing each other while the incumbent, Barack Obama, is comfortably taking it all in and telling his constihiencics, particularly Lautlos, that his re-election is practically in the bag,

President Obama considers Republican politics his path to a second term.

In an interview with the Latino national network, Univision, President Obama said he's looking forward to another four years in which he will take care of the issue that many Latinos have been yammering for, immigration reform. …

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