Magazine article The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Looks like Forward with Obama

Magazine article The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Looks like Forward with Obama

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The race is almost over. In a few days, Americans who vote will decide who their 45th president will be. It looks to be the incumbent Democrat Barack Obama, who, in the theme of his campaign, "Forward," promises belter days ahead just as he did in his first term.

He has to be re-elected first, however, and it looks like he wall be.

As decent and capable as his Republican opponent Mitt Romney is, the majority of voting Americans will reject him, if you believe the polls.

Politics, particularly as played at levels like the U.S. president', can be a cruel and demanding undertaking where character, abilities and experience are sometimes not enough or can be distorted.

Romney in public and private Ufe has been shown to have die talent, experience and leadership capabilities to lead the nation, comparatively more so than President Obama at a similar juncture.

Romney was a governor of Massachusetts. Obama was a former community worker in Chicago and later a one-term senator from Illinois who resigned to run for president against a lackluster Republican opponent.

Romney has had a stellar1 career in business, although some arpe his policies and practices were avaricious and hardnosed and preyed on the less fortunate and indefensible.

Contrary to attempts to demoniac him, Romney lias the background of a compassionate and virtuous person, Bain Capital notwithstanding.

The country's constituency, however, takes other factors into consideration when it's about the presidency, which many times goes beyond or is indifferent to the principal merits of the candidate. Many are superficially conversant with the issues, usually askew.

It shouldn't be that in the end it's usually more about the sizzle, not (lie steak, and President Obama certainly has outdone Romney In political sizzle.

President Obama is a master of people politics. He's articulate, politically mainstream in the Democratic Party mode, and has a background that inspires many Americans who feel a kinship with his minority status, political philosophy and the belief that all things bode well for those who follow him.

An honest assessment of Obama's tenure would come up short.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden counts as one of his spectacular achievements, but it didn't end our involvement in Afghanistan nor slow down the Taliban, though it gave many Americans a jolt of patriotic pride and comeuppance for, particularly, 9/?.

In his four years. President Obaraa has dealt with social and economic issues like (lie health and bank crises and other socioeconomic problems, some of which still prey on people lives, like unemployment, the real estate blowup and mounting government indebtedness.

He has fared better in foreign affairs, once thought to be his weakest area, although some of the world's powers and pretentious regimes, particularly those from the Middle East, continue to test his resoluteness at tremendous budgetary and human cost to the U.S.

The president has started to bring the troops home and to reduce the nation-building outlays. We are not done yet with the foreign insurgencies, and whoever is elected will have to deal with the issue of the U.S. military presence abroad, which Obama would reduce and Romney would maintain.

In domestic affairs, the president champions revamped hut more costly programs in health care lor the elderly and die poor and rescue nets for the poverty stricken and unemployed.

He has made his campaign a class war of "us" versus "them," between the so-called "middle class" and "the poor': with their deprivations against the 2 percent of the "rich" and their lax-evading luxuries,

His administration has failed Latinos in several areas, most notably immigration, an issue he'd prefer to ignore and which the obfuscation by his administration in these matters has not helped. …

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