Something Quiet

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Bob Gluck-Joe Giardullo-Christopher Dean Sullivan

Something Quiet

FMR CD 294 0810

Joe Giardullo (ss) Bob Gluck (p) Christopher Dean Sullivan (b).

Waterway/Dolphin Dance/October Song/Going Away/Still Waters/ Sideways/ Lifeline

While I like to think I keep an open mind to most forms of jazz, some are, to me, harder to appreciate than others. Often, this difficulty comes from a lack of understanding about the goals of a particular group. Such is the case here - with no liner notes or explanatory text, one is left to one's own devices in finding the music.

I'm not sure that it is either useful or possible to categorize the music on this disc - the soprano sax/piano/bass trio suggests something perhaps out of the Steve Lacy school, but the resulting sounds are much more free. The only "standard" tune in this collection is Herbie Hancock's Dolphin Dance, which is taken so far from its source as to be virtually unrecognizable. The other six are by pianist Gluck, although any actual composed sections are well disguised.

There are parts of this CD where one might be excused for thinking that he is listening to a fairly progressive classical composition. The unusual intervals and chromatic lines (particularly in Sideways and Lifeline) suggest some sort of serial organization with a minimalist slant. How this and the improvisation coexist I'm not terribly sure, although there is an interesting passage in October Song with the soprano playing altissimo notes over the piano and bass vamp gives the impression of an electronically altered element through improvisation. …


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