Magazine article Herizons

Dyeing to Look Younger

Magazine article Herizons

Dyeing to Look Younger

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I am not the beauty industry's dream customer. As a disciple of the late Body Shop founder, Anita Roddick, who famously said all face creams are the same, regardless of price, I don't believe in the magical power of makeup. I use a cheap brand of moisturizer, the leastexpensive organic shampoo I can find and cosmetics to cover up skin spots only when I appear on television.

My predisposition against all things allegedly beautifying intensified when I went shopping for a product that could fill in my balding eyebrows - the appropriate item cost over 35 dollars. The specialty store clerk, noting my apoplectic response, kindly sent me to the drugstore down the way to get a cheap brush to apply it.

I had avoided artificial hair colour completely, until last summer, when I was asked to audition for a job hosting a TV talk show - one of my secret dreams. There was a stipulation: lose the grey hair.

I was very proud of my silver tresses. The fact that I didn't walk away from the opportunity right then and there is testimony to my personal ambition. The producers also laid the blandishments on thick - the grey made me look pale. A deeper colour would let my terrific blues pop a bit more. You get the picture.

So I went to the hairstylist, who, for a whopping $200, "toned down" the grey. It looked pretty good to me. In fact, I could hardly tell the difference. Unfortunately, neither could the producer, who sent me back to the stylist, who "toned down" the grey even further.

I admit that I liked the results. When a friend asked me, over the phone, how I looked, I said, "Ten years younger."

"What's wrong with that," she asked.

"Absolutely nothing," I declared, fully aware of the ageist world I was buying in to. At that point, the contest between my ego and capitalism was tied: I looked good, I paid for it.

Let me declare that I am not now hosting a television talk show. …

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