Magazine article Work & Family Life

'Here I Go Again with a New Boss. . .'

Magazine article Work & Family Life

'Here I Go Again with a New Boss. . .'

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A reader writes:

Q Just found out that I'm getting another new boss, my third in two years. I know I'm good at my job, but I still feel a little shaky starting off on the right foot with a new manager.

- R.M., Detroit

A Here are a few ideas that may sound familiar, but they're worth trying. They work better with some people than with others. Just don't forget that you too are growing and changing with each new situation.

* Try to ignore the rumors. Don't believe everything you hear. It will only make it harder to form a positive relationship. Demonstrate your support and trustworthiness as soon as you can (see On the Job, page 6 on gossip).

* Be cooperative. Offer to help make your new boss's first few weeks go smoothly. Repeat the offer, if need be. Some new managers are reluctant to ask for or accept support.

* Be proactive. Request a meeting to clarify your responsibilities. Make sure your job description fits your new manager's expectations of what you should be doing.

* Don't expect a new boss to honor previous commitments that were made to you. Those decisions may take some time to reevaluate.

* Don 't talk about the "good old days. " Keep comparisons between supervisors to yourself.

* Focus on communication. …

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