Magazine article National Defense

Canadian Manufacturers Market Detection, Encryption Equipment

Magazine article National Defense

Canadian Manufacturers Market Detection, Encryption Equipment

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Canadian industry-in cooperation with the United States-has bolstered its security technology clout with the: establishment of new detection and encryption systems.

Nine participating companies recently introduced their products during a sympo sium called, "Advanced Technologies far Force Protection" at the Canadian Embassy Washington, D.C.

Defensor products-from SAGUS Security Inc., Ottawa, Ontario-provide solutions for Internet and Intranet application tions including client-server applications, web browsing, e-mail, electronic commerce, mobile computing, file transfer, and database access.

"Recently the need for secure messaging has expanded, said David O'Brien, senor account manager, who added that Defensor offers encryption engines and certificate management within its software infrastruCture. The digital certificates identify the parties who are exchanging messages and the "trust level" involved in the security of exchanged information.

The EVD-3000 explosive detector, aa battery-powered portable system from Scintrex, Concord, Ontario, is designed to detect explosives in packages. It comes with a self-contained toolkit and has a false alarm rate of less than 1 percent, John Patrick, vice president, ScinTrex-U.S., affirmed. The detector requires one minute warm-up time and 15 seconds for analysis.

The EVD-3000 identifies explosives by recognizing vapors or residue collected from the packages. The product is not meant to replace law-enforcement dogs, Patrick said, "but many areas can't afford clogs, and the EVD-3000 is a good substitute." il "Sniper Localization System"-the Guardian acoustic sensor-operated device can detect gunshots or other weapon discharges, said Howard Hart, Guardian product manager, MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

The portable system operates in all weather conditions and can be set up and deployed in less than 20 minutes, he said.

The Guardian acoustic sensor can record events, which can be extracted for evidence in law enforcement or strategic situations. It is "effective against all full-range weapons," said Hart, but the wind can throw off its calibration by three degrees.

iI Gennady Reshetnikov, marketing manager, PathMinder Inc., Ottawa, revealed "advances in optical turnstile design to enhance lobby security. …

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