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This year's Leisure Research Symposium (the 20th), held at the NRPA Congress for Recreation and Parks in Salt Lake City, Utah, provided a forum foi researchers and professionals to reflect on and call for social change. Through keynote speakers addressing writing, Brown Bag sessions, a Research Roundtable providing open dialogue, and thematical ly grouped data reports given as presentations and posters, leisure research as a form of social change was reviewed.

Impact of this Research

The Leisure Research Symposium brings together university and field researchers and professionals from around the world to share and discuss recently completed studies and to chart needed areas for future study. With nearly 90 presentations, it is the largest annual leisure research event available.

How to use this Research The symposium publishes an abstracted summary of the research presentations. Consult it for discussions of these and other findings:

Leisure increases the visibility of perceptions of racism, discrimination, and conflict.

Leisure is both positive and negative in the lives of lesbian/gay/bisexual youth, people living with AIDS, and women in abusive relationships.

Leisure provides the ideal for spiritual health.

Typical delivery systems and practices can both enhance and hinder personal applications of leisure meaning by participants.

Technology is a threat to wilderness.

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