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English - Chocolate and Chicks: Resources

Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

English - Chocolate and Chicks: Resources

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Incorporate themed phonics activities into all your lessons.

I was working in nursery education when it was announced that children were to be screened in phonics in Year 1. Did I breathe a sigh of relief? No. Because this process needs to start at a younger age.

As every nursery teacher knows, certain parts of the timetable can get pushed into the background when you are busy mopping up tears or practising for endless performances. But I decided that phonics was not going to suffer and could be incorporated into the whole session. Then it struck me: if phonics could be linked to my activities and topics, why couldn't it be cross-curricular, too? Welcome to phonics for Easter...

It was the start of the day and 30 eager three-year-olds were waiting for their name to be called in the register. But this was the Easter alliteration register.

"Good morning, Bbbbunny Beau, Chchchchocolate Charlie."

Out in the playground, the children went on an Easter hunt with a difference - searching for rhyming objects. Children ran over, happily shouting: "I've found Funny Bunny and Meg Egg!"

They decorated alien eggs to roll and gave them alliterative alien names such as Li Lo and Fa Fum. They had great fun predicting which alien egg was going to roll the furthest and loved adding sound effects to the rolling: "weeeee!" and "smash!"

Our Easter stories were filled with sound effects: "baaaaa" went the sheep, "cluck" went the chicks and "rustle" went the foil around the chocolate. …

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