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Magazine article In These Times


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Pointing the way

Cole Stanglers critically supportive article on the Congressional Progressive Caucus is excellent ("Taking a Stand," April). It is the kind ofthing I want to see much more of in 7GG. So here's the question: Given the problems he notes in getting progressives elected, why isn't there a PAC allied with them? PDA and MoveOn and a few other organizations do their own things. Why aren't they getting together?

Also, I'm not sure Stangler's lament that "It takes millions of dollars to seriously compete in a congressional race" is true. Congressional districts are small enough that a volunteerheavy, door-knocking campaign could have an impact beyond that of money.

Chris Nielsen

Shoreline, Wash.

The deficit peacocks

Leaving aside the fact that Republicans ran up threequarters of the national debt, with Reagan tripling it and Bush II doubling it without a peep from any of the deficit peacocks now assailing our airwaves with their cries of imminent doom, Chris Lehmann is exactly right to focus on their obsession with revoking the New Deal and basic economics ("Morning Jo(k)e," April). This tired, repetitive government-bashing and antispending jihad immediately disappears with the election of a Republican president, at which time all Republican hypocrites obediently line up at the government spending orgy to commence yet again exploding the debt and ruining the economy.

Jim Reedy

Lowell, N.C.

Reckless logic

An entire generation was indoctrinated in the belief that, regardless of how government policies have increased poverty, we have only ourselves to blame when we lose our jobs ("No Self-Help Wanted," April). …

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