Magazine article Chinese Literature Today

Family Matters

Magazine article Chinese Literature Today

Family Matters

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(1) Lantern Fire

After the waters withdrew

brow a fiery red

howl of hound

fences well

awash in moonlight

settle down, and it's a lifetime:

color TV




hunkering in a tidy row

fix their gazes on the rats in the distance

time like a cat's eye

(2) Carny

Cyclopic cow

on a high-wire

balancing ancestors

entirely un-novel


pigs fattening for the slaughter

the deluges dead ringing

3) Dinner

The night armed

revolution ended

feeling for stones

the generalissimos who came back from their sortie

'cross the river

dined on raw oysters

served up with Peking opera

black cats white cats

in hot pursuit of rats

(4) LeftBank


he set his mind

in shady grove upon grove

to evacuate the whole


cordwood neatly piled

by the gate, scampering cats

and when the generals finally forded the river

the stones they'd felt for

were still over there

detaining my beloved

gunfire, and jasmine

(5) After the Fall


run avian distances

flourish or wither what matter? …

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