Magazine article Work & Family Life

Singles Also Face Work-Life Balance Issues

Magazine article Work & Family Life

Singles Also Face Work-Life Balance Issues

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A reader writes:

What I like most about Work & Family Life is that you understand that single people who live alone and have no children also have to balance their work and personal lives, and you consistently recognize that in your articles.

I read recently about a study at Michigan State University that focused on this issue and thought you might like to know about it.

The MSU study, by psychologists Ann Marie Ryan and Jessica Keeney, showed that workers who are struggling to achieve a more balanced life - regardless of their family circumstances - report less satisfaction with their jobs and their lives and show more signs of anxiety and depression.

Single people in the study re*peatedly said they can handle their jobs, but have too little time for working out, volunteering in the community and pursuing friendships, says Ryan.

Many companies tend to focus more on helping employees with children find "work-family" balance, says Keeney.

While this is a good thing, the broader concept, called "worklife," recognizes that we all have families and that balance is a challenge for everyone, whether they're married or single, with or without children.

Dr. Keeney gave the example of an employee who's single, with no children and who wants to leave work early to train for a triathlon. …

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