Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Grab That Remote: Lessons from the Tube

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Grab That Remote: Lessons from the Tube

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I confess. I'm addicted to "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." Before you roll your eyes and sigh, let me explain. True, a little goes a long way and viewers certainly find out more than they ever knew they needed. Kind of like caffeine and chocolate - it's compelling, you just can't turn away. The Kardashians are indeed a treasure trove of ideas when it comes to marketing. With an empire estimated at $80 million for 2012, this celebrity clan has convinced more than a few to follow their brand. How do they do that?

Lest you switch your TV channel too soon, there's an opportunity here. No matter what your guilty pleasure is, follow along to learn a few marketing lessons from the tube.

Make them want more:

Whether you're a fan or not, it's hard to disagree that the Kardashians keep 'em coming back. So can you. A personal whirlwind, Kim Kardashian alone is a marketer extraordinaire-recent news says she's the third mostsearched person on Yahoo. But here's her secret: She's relevant. She listens. She uses the information her customers give her. Do you? Think about it the next time you're preparing to meet with your clients.

Keep it small:

Recently, I chatted with a colleague whose company has grown very quickly over the past few years. He's been able to expand into other states and to attract many new clients. When I asked what keeps him up at night these days, he relayed a not uncommon challenge: staying connected to his clients. What's his goal for this year? He wants to make sure he's treating each customer as if they are his only customer - keeping it "small. …

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