Magazine article Texas Library Journal


Magazine article Texas Library Journal


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Who participated this year?

* Data was submitted for 1608 library facilities including academic, public, school, and special libraries!

* Information on 10 academic, 80 public, 1504 school, and 13 special libraries was reported.

Average gate count in a day at individual library buildings

* Academic - 2336

* Public- 1015

* School -547

* Special- 160

Circulation average

* Academic -355

* Public- 1348

* School - 588

* Special 80


A Typical Day in a Texas ACADEMIC Library Counts. . .

* 75 faculty members supported by academic librarians' collaborative efforts.

* 17 hours a day open for student and faculty use.

A Typical Day in a Texas PUBLIC Ubrary Counts. . .

* 300 people attending programs, and over 65 kids sitting in on storytime.

* 26 people attending reading or literacy classes

* 10 1/2 hours a day open for the public

A Typical Day in a Texas SCHOOL Library Counts. . .

* 173 students served every day with assistance on technology, and 270 instructed on curriculum work.

* 180 students participating in noncurricular activities at the library, and 19 different activities school librarians undertake to assist teachers.

* 9 hours a day open for students.

*Results above are based on averages as reported by survey respondents.


* How do you negotiate your salary in an interview?

* I need to get my GED, do you know where I can take classes?

* Can you help me find a book to use to teach about differences within families?

* How do I download eBooks?

* Where can I find a scary DVD movie?

* I am applying for a job, but they are asking for my e-mail address. How do I get one?

* I enjoy the Game Day every quarter!

* I didn't know y'all had all this.

* Any leads to "scholarly/academic" sources for non-profit organizations? I have 5 sources from books, but the professor needs published research.

* Can you help me find an outline for a persuasive speech?"

* How do I submit applications online for employment?

* What kinds of foods are good for diabetes?

* How do auditory and visual learning compare?

* How do I know what information to use when I Google "cancer?"

* Where are the Rick Riordan books?

* In Texas, can you cancel a construction contract within a certain period of time, without reason or penalty?

* How do I cite a book that doesn't have an author?

* Can you help me find a library book about the aging process?


* I really wanted to say thank you to the library staff that was so helpful with my job seeking/ resume.

* How can I find out more about the candidates? Who decorated the puppet stage? It is very nice!

* I like the fact that you have a coffee shop in the library.

* My family and I come to the school library every week because my children enjoy checking out the books and taking them home to read.

* Love interlibrary loan!

* The library is great but I need you guys to add more Warriors books.

* As a homeschooling family, we rely on the library's resources to supplement our work. The librarians are always helpful.

* I love this library. Staff is great!

* I'd pay more taxes to keep our library.

* The library is absolutely the BEST!! Love the building, staff and service!! Best value for tax money!!

* Librarian has "patience of a saint" while working w/students.

* I enjoy coming in to do my homework as I do not have a computer at home or Internet access.


* GED classes and Basic Excel Computer Classes

E-Portfolio Training

Resources for Professional Organizations in the Virtual Library

Teen Read Week Activities

Reviewing email account access with fourth graders, netiquette

Homework Help Center

Adult Book Discussion Group

One on one training sessions with people to create an email account and then help them apply for jobs online. …

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