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Magazine article Psychology Today


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Touch Therapy

BRAVO TO RICK CHILLOT'S turns of phrase in his story "Louder Than Words" (April). They were, in fact, touching, and the text wonderfully informative. The physician's touchknown as palpation- is remarkably different from any other type of touch and is taught to be so. Often it involves parts of the body far more intimate than an arm or shoulder, and yet it must be devoid of emotion to be in search of medical information. Although my late Italian grandmother tried to avoid the customary hug-and-kiss hello, I like to think of touch as the transcendent communication. More of it, I say!



Before and After

I RELATE TO your article "The Against All Odds Club" (April). I'm not sure what the exact odds are, but on November 29, 2010, 1 was walking across the street and was hit by a light rail commuter train. The result was a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures (pelvis, ribs, skull). Like others mentioned in the article, I tend to see life as "before" and "after." The "after" part has been a period of personal growth in many ways, including a more profound appreciation for life and enhanced closeness with family and friends who cared for and about me during my recovery. I'm glad to be alive and looking forward to the rest of my life.


Phoenix, AZ

A Universal Aphrodisiac?

WHILE READING MATT HUSTON'S article on the color red ("The Siren Song of Scarlet," April), I couldn't help but wonder if red had the same effect on homosexuals. If red leads both men and women to follow their biological course, and evokes feelings that encourage procreation, would these cues also affect people that biologically have no ability to procreate with members of the sex they're attracted to?


Orlando, FL

Is That Cheating?

IT'S INTERESTING THAT the article "Motivation Is Contagious" is immediately followed by "Cheating in the Age of Facebook" (April). …

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