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Letters to the Editor

Magazine article Information Today

Letters to the Editor

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Hands Off the Caps Lock!

Enjoyed your "big I, little i" doodle on the subject of the internet [in Dick Kaser's editorial, Information Today, February 2003]. Old English (like today's German language) used to capitalize all nouns. No exceptions. Now English has dropped most caps, except for proper nouns. But Americans use more caps than do the English. And lawyers use more caps than anyone else in history; it probably means they can charge more (heaven only knows what German lawyers do). You can usually tell the age of a piece of writing by the degree of capitalization.

I was reading a book a few months ago where the departing plane passengers all went to the Air-Terminal (sic). In my personal style book, I use caps for the initial letter of proper nouns. The internet, like the railway network, the telecommunication network, the library network, or the personal computer, is just a thing. So hands off the caps lock!

-Harry Collier

Infonortics, Ltd.

Tetbury, U.K

Buying for the Value

While I agree with much of what Barbara Quint says in her January Up Front column, I think her model of pricing information-which assigns a dollar value per article regardless of content-is odd. She asserts that the monthly $29.95 people pay for standard Internet access is equal to 10 full-text articles, which comes to $2.95 an article.

Information marketers know that people do not buy information "by the pound," so to speak, but by the value (which she acknowledges later in the column). …

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