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Your Shouts from the Balcony

Magazine article IAJRC Journal

Your Shouts from the Balcony

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Dear Editor,

In his letter in the December 2012 issue, Clarrie Henley refers to the Jay label. A Jay listing appeared in The Discophile, number 12, for June 1950. It was compiled "with information supplied by Irving L. Jacobs". Jacobs, who was mainly an Ellington collector and I believe a one-time member of the IAJRC, was the producer. He was living in San Diego at the time.

The listing gives the following fourteen releases:

1. King Oliver with Teddy Peters Georgia Man/What A Man

2. Jack Jenney orchestra Stardust/Cuban Boogie Woogie

3. Bobby Hackett orchestra Embraceable You/At The Jazz Band Ball

4. Duke Ellington orchestra Black and Tan Fantasy (2 parts)

5. Bunk Johnson & Lu Watters Ace In The Hole/Careless Love

6. Bunk Johnson band / Can 't Escape From You/Snag It

7. Paul Howard orchestra The Ramble/Quality Shout

8. Charlie Barnet orchestra Night and Day/Wild Mab of the Fishpond

9. Benny Goodman orchestra Texas Tea ? arty /Dr Heckle and Mr Jibe

10. Benny Goodman orchestra Georgia Jubilee/Emaline

11. Punch Miller with Tiny Parham Washboard Wiggles/Fat Man Blues

12. Ora Alexander I'm Wild About My Patootie Lee Collins & Victoria Spivey (State Street Swingers) Don 't Tear My Clothes

13. Claude Thornhill orchestra Portrait of a Guinea Fram Duke Ellington orchestra Bojangles

14. Sam Morgan band Sing On/Over In Gloryland

No sources were listed, which is perhaps not surprising.

Derek Coller

Dear Editor,

In the December issue, George Hulmes' unenthusiastic review of the Ted McNabb big band reissue (Ted McNabb & Co. Fresh Sound FSR 1654) recommended against purchasing it. However there is a specific group of people, of which I am a member, for whom the album had great significance and its reissue on CD is good news. Let me explain.

The great drummer Sonny Igoe played with Benny Goodman and Woody Herman in the 1950s and later in the CBS studios in Manhattan. He was considered one of the best big band drummers. He later developed one of the largest teaching practices on the East coast and was the "go-to guy" for big band instruction. Sonny's methodology involved first, bringing the student's technical and reading skills up to a high standard before getting to big band issues. When one reached that point, the first charts he saw were the Marion Evans arrangements recorded by the McNabb band. Sonny had copies of the actual drum parts and the student was given a cassette copy of the LP and the drum part for whatever tune was being studied. We worked all the way through the album, but not in order; Lover was last on the list! (I understand that Lover was recorded in one take on the McNabb recording, which says something for the abilities of the all-star musicians who made the recording.)

The Evans arrangements were an ideal teaching tool; the drum parts were relatively simple, but they were interesting and fun to play. Most of the arrangements on the CD found their way into the library of the great rehearsal band that Sonny and Dick Meldonian co-led, as well as into other local bands' libraries. By now my cassette copies are pretty worn out- and cassette players getting scarce- so I am happy to see there's a CD available for whenever I need to refresh my (declining) skills. I expect there may be others of Sonny's alumni in that same situation.


Don Robertson

Dear Editor,

The James C. Gordon Best Article Awards Committee finished up 2012 with awarding first, second and third place prizes for best articles appearing in the IAJRC Journal in 201 1.

First place went to Rainier Lotz of Germany for "Black Europe: Some Afro-American Recording Artists Outside the United States."

Second place went to William R. Pryor of Louisiana for "Charlie Parker in Camarillo."

Third place was won by Michael Zirpolo of Ohio for "Shavian Matters Revisited, Part 2."

I resigned as chairman of the committee as of the end of the year. …

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