Magazine article American Scientist

Meet Your Fellow Companion: Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu

Magazine article American Scientist

Meet Your Fellow Companion: Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu

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Sigma Xi members hail from diverse fields of academia, government, and industry. Our motto is the Greek 'Spoudon Xynones, or "Companions in Zealous Research. " With that thought in mind, each issue in Sigma Xi Today, we ike to take the time to highlight a diffèrent FeUow Companion" - to learn more about their work ana what thenonor of induction into Sigma Xi has meant for their career.

This is issue, we are excited to feature Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu - a Research Ted Technologist II at the Medical College ofWisconsin and an Associate Member of Si of Sigma Xi. Yimbesalu received his Masters degree from New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) in 2011. A long devoted biologist and humanitarian, Cameroon native Yimbesalu's current work with mice reproductive systems has him positioned at the forefront of research in the expanding field of human infertility.

Do you have a particular teacher or professor who inspired your love of science? Why?

My love for science, especially biology, started back in high school. The professors that have inspired my academic career include my advisor, Dr. Carol Linder, and also Dr. Dick Green, the professor with whom I worked as a teaching assistant while at NMHU. Over the last two years, I have worked in Dr. Linder's lab focusing my work on male infertility. Both of these professors believed in my abilities to succeed in the field of science from the beginning, and have been especially understanding of the challenges one faces when moving into a new environment with a completely different culture.

Tell us about something we might see in our daily lives that directly correlates to your work.

Despite the fact that the majority of infertility cases have unknown (idiopathic) origins, most occur as the result of environmental pollutants and lifestyle influences. It is also known that certain chemical agents can alter the genetic makeup of cells within the body, which might lead to infertility. In most industrialized countries, facilities like laboratories in the workplace have some exposure levels of radiation materials, despite the fact that there are guidelines established by die public safety department that protect employees.

What has the honor of induction into Sigma Xi meant to you?

Being part of the Sigma Xi scientific research community is by invitation and my active participation during the NMHU Sigma Xi chapter meetings and events on campus as a graduate student earned my induction. …

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