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Magazine article Drug Topics


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You get what you pay for

Regarding Drug Topics' article "U.S. spending on medicines declined in 2012, IMS reports" [Community Pharmacists Report, May 14; www.drugtopics. com/IMSspend\: The big question is this: How much has safety been compromised to ensure greater profits for the pharmaceutical companies, which are very corrupt?

Would you take products from China, India, or other third-world countries that could easily jeopardize your health, in order to save a few dollars? Look at Ranbaxy - and there are many companies just as bad.

When you get a prescription, ask your pharmacist where the product is actually made and what he or she knows about the manufacturer.

Profit has become of utmost importance, while safety is not that important. Remember, when you buy cheap, you get cheap.

Robert Katz, RPh


Set the record straight

My colleagues and I enjoy your publication. We gain valuable knowledge from your articles and also learn of new drug approvals, etc. All in all, it is a publication we do not miss reading, if possible.

A comment in an article from the April 201 3 issue ["New bipartisan bill to reclassify hydrocodone"; www.drugtopics. com/hydrocodone] has me puzzled. As a practicing pharmacist in New York State, I remain vigilant about any changes in the law. There have been a few changes recently, most of them in February of this year. A major change has been the reclassification of hydrocodone to Schedule II.

While your article notes that the State of New York instituted restrictions on hydrocodone prescriptions, it also says that physicians must send RXs electronically.

Physicians in New York State are not allowed to send any prescriptions for controlled substances electronically. While these prescriptions may be so submitted in the future, it is not an accurate statement now. See the following link for more info: http://www.op. '/news/advisory-notices, html, Frequently Asked Questions.

I know that many in the pharmacy profession use the information you give them in their day-to-day practice. I wouldn't want misleading or inaccurate information to be relayed to the current practicing pharmacists in New York State.

Maureen Mack, RPh


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Thank you for your recent column on interactions between pharmaceuticals and St. …

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