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Jesta Minute

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Jesta Minute

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The man in the upstairs apartment yelled to the man downstairs: "If you don't stop playing that clarinet, I'll go crazy."

"Too late now," the other fellow yelled back. "I stopped playing an hour ago!"

-Richard Nosal

Columbus, Neb.

Luigi was telling his friend Franco that it was his 25th wedding anniversary, and as a gift to his wife he sent her to Italy.

Franco said, "That's nice, but what will you do for your 50th?"

Luigi said, "Bring her home!" -Gene Zanon

White Pine, Mich.

Three fellows are standing atop each other trying to measure a flag pole. Man passing by yells, "Why don't you just take the pole, lay it down on the ground and measure it?"

"We don't want to measure the length," says the man in charge. "We want to measure the height!"

-Mrs. Donald LeQuire

North Haven, Conn.

Returning home from a Sunday round of golf, the husband excitedly announced, "Honey, guess what. …

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