Magazine article The Spectator

The Jury in the Zimmerman Case Paid Too Much at Tention to the Evidence

Magazine article The Spectator

The Jury in the Zimmerman Case Paid Too Much at Tention to the Evidence

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I wonder what possessed the jury in the Trayvon Martin case to return two not guilty verdicts when they knew the trouble it would cause. One never ceases to wonder at the self-importance, the narcissism, of those people who always believe they know better than the rest. An important section of the American population - perpetually outraged black civil rights leaders and their faux-left-wing whitey hangers-on - had been absolutely clear about the case: George Zimmerman, the ghastly white neighbourhood watch person, was guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin - and not just murder, but racially aggravated murder at that. The jury knew this and yet knowingly and wilfully acquitted Zimmerman.

Since the verdict, all hell has broken loose, and at least one jury member has mumbled something a little shamefacedly that rather than doing as she had been instructed by the civil rights lobby, she had instead paid a lot of attention to something she referred to as 'the evidence' of the case - hence the acquittal.

Some excuse. She had listened, for example, to the various witnesses - witnesses for the defence, of course, because the prosecution was unable to provide a single witness. Lots of people claimed to have seen the young black kid attack Zimmerman, smashing his head against a paving stone and breaking his nose. But they were all probably racist too.

The juror quoted in the American press nonetheless stated that all of her fellow panellists believed Zimmerman felt himself to be in danger of losing his life, including the black lady jurist. But that's the way whitey works these things, co-opting some Uncle Tom to give the verdict the thinnest sheen of respectability. The civil rights lobby and their fellow travellers knew two things: Trayvon Martin was black and unarmed, aside from a packet of the sweets known as Skittles, and George Zimmerman was white (as near as makes no odds) - so murder it must be, no argument. Who needs the facts?

And so, whipped up by the likes of the Reverend Al Sharpton, the veteran semiliterate black demagogue, various inner cities have seen peaceful, and often not very peaceful at all, protests. In Los Angeles a Walmart was trashed, and rather than offer a mild rebuke to the rioters, the city mayor said that the Trayvon Martin case 'has ignited passions'. So that's all right then.

Cops were attacked in that other old civil rights redoubt of Oakland, former home of the exciting Black Panther movement, and there's a been a little bit of bother in San Diego. The US government now seems determined to bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman, and his family have been subjected to hate mail and death threats: 'Everyone with (his) DNA should be killed' was one salient observation. …

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