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'Ending the TOC Conference, but Still Pushing Tools of Change for Publishing'

TOC was a at ride, and we'll miss many things about that annual gathering ofthe future-positive publishing community. Ideas and connections from T0C will continue to inform our work and, we hope, yours. I especially want to thank T0C program chairs Kat Meyer and Joe Wikert forthe passion, creativity, and commitment they brought to their work. I wish them well, and am confident that they'll continue to help shape the publish industry's future.

-Posted by Tim O'Reilly at on May 2, 2013.

'iAnnotate-Whatever Happened to the Web as an Annotation System?'

Readers and researchers were annotating texts long before the invention ofthe printing press. While annotating texts has been relatively easy for centuries thanks to the margins of paper texts, annotating digital items remains difficult This is an odd quirk of digital content distribution, since the potential for capturing and sharing annotations in a digital environment make notations potentially so much more valuable.

Thinking back to the foundation ofthe World Wide Web, annotation was actually a critical component of what Sir Tim Berners-Lee conceived of as an interconnected store of research documents for CERN....

The scholarly publishing community needs to focus more attention on the new annotation services and models being developed, since it is the scholars who are the most likely users of-and the ones likely to obtain the most value from-digital annotation services. In some ways, this is part ofthe functionality that Mendeley provides and one element that makes the service valuable for its members-and valuable to Elsevier, who recently acquired Mendeley. …

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