Magazine article Medical Economics

Doctor, This Might Hurt a Little

Magazine article Medical Economics

Doctor, This Might Hurt a Little

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You are facing one of the greatest transitions in your professional career.

So much so, that the operational changes required due to this growing regulatory burden may be insurmountable for some practices.

As the insurance exchanges that are part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) begin enrollment next month, remember that this is just part of a larger regulatory agenda to reduce costs, open access to healthcare, improve care delivery, and become more transparent in the way you communicate with patients and your colleagues.

As part of it, your pay will also be more closely tied to outcomes; you will be asked to open up your patient panels; and you will be incentivized or penalized by an array of government-led initiatives to re-engineer healthcare delivery.

Your medical decisions will likely be questioned in more ways than they are currently by payers, hospitals, specialists, pharmacies, your patients and your EHR; and all the while, you will need to improve your systems to protect patient health information, and accommodate an entirely new segment of the population that has had little or no access to healthcare.

You will need a wealth of information to understand and respond to patient questions regarding ACA You will likely need to fortify your business operations to manage copays as a result of high-deductible premiums. And that means you will need to keep a close eye on billing and patient charges. Who could forget the transition to ICD-10 coming up in 2014? …

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