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Magazine article Working Mother


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Whether you have to give a tough critique (ouch!) or get one, workplace feedback needs to be handled with finesse, Jane Miller, founder of the career advice site, shares how to be an expert giver and receiver,

When You Get Reviewed

If you're on the receiving end of a tough talk, button up your emotions and avoid getting into an argument, Instead, take notes and request a follow-up meeting so you can gather your thoughts when you aren't see- ing red, End the discussion on a high note-a thank-you or a handshake,

When You Do the Review

Before you call a sit-down with your staffer, make sure you're addressing a consistent problem rather than just an off day, Find a private place-not the office watercooler-for a calm, constructive critique, Come prepared with examples of any issues, avoid generic attacks ("You're a hothead"), and have a plan to fix problems,

If You're Prone to Over-Cushioning

Bosses often try to bury a negative remark underneath a compliment, Don't do it, The person on the receiving end may get confused about what you're trying to say and only hear the positive, But don't put away the pom-poms entirely, Next time you notice your employee doing great things, tell her in the moment,


Bottles up to the Coca-Cola Company's Global Women's Initiative, which received the 2013 Catalyst Award for its goal to retain, recruit and develop the presence of women in the workplace globally. …

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