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The Behaviour Question: Behaviour

Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

The Behaviour Question: Behaviour

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I am currently on a training placement and am having problems with my class of 13- and 14-year-olds. I have observed the class for the past few weeks and it was painful to watch. There was no control or direction. The students seemed desensitised to everything the teacher said. My mentor thinks it is a good challenge for me to take the class and trial behaviour strategies with them, although everyone else thinks I've been lumbered with them because no one else wants to teach them. In my first lesson with this group, I tried to establish some authority: seating plan, names on board, the "three strikes and you're out" strategy. Their behaviour today showed some improvement but how do I go about managing it in future?

What you said


Some classes will bring experienced teachers to their knees, so you, as a trainee, surely would not be expected to bring this class around after seeing them only a few times.


You need to understand the reasons behind their poor behaviour and plan to remove those. If you get the lesson activities and level of challenge right, you will increase student engagement and reduce poor behaviour.

The expert view

Trust me, you probably have been given this class because no one wants them. …

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