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Giving Honor Where Honor Is Due

Magazine article Variety

Giving Honor Where Honor Is Due

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How to raise the profile of Creative Arts winners?

Hail the Creative Arts Emmy nominees! From "Game of Thrones" to "How I Met Your Mother," we can't get enough of their work.

But don't look for them on the main Emmycast. There are far too many of them, and let's face it, production designers and technical directors don't draw ratings. In the past, a below-the-line category or two, chosen by lot, would be included, but that ended more than 20 years ago. The FXX telecast of the Creative Arts banquet is a consolation prize, and likely won't attract primetime numbers.

But TV crafts now rival their bigscreen counterparts. They deserve a showcase of some kind. So here are some ideas from the Variety newsroom on how to give these artists a moment in the spotlight.

The academy used to feature rotating below-the-line awards. I think it's an idea worth reconsidering and perhaps reinstating - finding a way to celebrate those people who work in television without the kind of name/face recognition enjoyed by actors.


One way to recognize the music might be to have various nominated compositions playing in the background with a caption identifying the music. Another would be to have a small combo of session musicians do a medley of nominated main title themes.


At the beginning and end of each commercial break, the telecast could put up a few seconds of footage from a Creative Artswinning show and a shot of the winner from that category. But theyd have to bite the bullet on time; even if that adds 20 seconds per commercial break, that adds minutes over the course of the telecast.


If you're not going to be on the main telecast, everything else pales by comparison. So just have the best alternative party you can have. You know how to make a winner feel appreciated? Serve great food.


'30 ROCK'

Fine Cuts Balanced Emotions, Laughs

Editor Ken Eluto (nommed for picture editing, comedy) had a favorite moment in the finale: "When Liz comes to see TVacy in the strip club - which is how the show started - you see the relationship they've created over the years; it's emotional but the jokes still hit every time." - Karen Idelson


Editor Preserves 'Modern' Timing

Ryan Case (nommed for picture editing, comedy) loves working with performers on the sitcom. "Each actor has their own great sense of timing. Making it all work together with the more natural cinematography is what I love about working on this show," says Case.

- Karen Idelson


Traumatizing the characters - and the audience, too

Several episodes of HBO's fantasy drama received creative arts noms. "This season we hoped to give the feeling of coming out of a traumatic event. Families were lost, kingdoms burned, alliances were broken," says Daniel Minahan, director of episode "Valar Dohaeris."

Steve Kullback, lead vfx producer, nommed for that episode, says: "(For Daenerys and her dragons travelling by boat), we started with a ship that's built in a parking lot in Northern Ireland. A fast approach, using a technocrane on tracks, raced toward the ship and found Dany and Jorah on deck in front of a green screen. The water needed to be CG, but the bow wake was a real element that we shot using a black-hulled ship in Croatia."

Paul Engelen, department head makeup artist, nominated for "Kissed by Fire" and "Valar Dohaeris," says: '"iyrion (Peter Dinklage) had to have scars throughout the series, and Davos (Liam Cunningham) had extensive sunburn for his initial scenes. Nipple amputations, whip lacerations, cranial deformities are all part of our arsenal!"

Gemma Jackson, production designer, nommed for "Valar Dohaeris" and "Kissed by Fire" recalls "Episode 1 specifically opened in the freezing North and we were lucky enough to have a huge snowstorm, which added to the power of the opening scenes. …

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