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Magazine article New Internationalist

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On the Argument 'Should 16-year-olds get the vote?' NI 465

Hmm... let me see? Do they pay tax? Yes! So YES, they should get to vote, or else they pay taxation without representation.

Ged Byrne

On the Argument 'Are exams bad for children?' NI 464

When I look back at my high school days, those tests... how useless and anxiety-inducing they were! I always did terribly on them and they made me feel incredibly stupid. Today I am a successful businesswoman and writer who reads a book a week and you would never have known it from how I performed on those tests. They were so discouraging. I'd love to see future generations be spared them.


Exams themselves aren't inherently bad, but when students are subjugated to just exams the problems arise. A good, balanced education should include a number of assessment methods. The majority of jobs after education will not consist of exams every few months, but rather research and analysis. Many see 'coursework' as an easy way out, but I'd say it's actually a better way to a) teach children and b) prepare them for life after school. …

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