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The Behaviour Question: News

Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

The Behaviour Question: News

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I completed my training in December and have stayed at the school where I did my first-year placement. I am really struggling with all my classes and today one of my students asked why it was that children behaved in other classes but not in mine. I know I have problems with class management and it is really getting me down. I give detentions but I feel it is a reflection of how bad I am that I have so many students turning up for detention. Even then, I can't get some of them to be quiet and listen. I have read so much about techniques such as not being confrontational and not shouting, but I don't feel that this is really working. I am too soft and want to toughen up, but I don't want to control the class through fear. At the moment, I don't feel that I have respect and I see some of the students' faces looking at me as if to say, "please do something - we want to learn".

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Speak to your mentor. At this stage in your career, no one should expect your classroom management to be faultless.


Don't feel guilty about not being perfect at behaviour management yet - it will get easier as you gain more experience. …

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