Magazine article International Educator

Research, Theory, and Practice in International Education

Magazine article International Educator

Research, Theory, and Practice in International Education

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THE SEPTEMBER 2013 issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education (JSIE) focuses on the scope of research, theory, and practice in international education today. The articles in this edition draw on research data collected from more than 30 countries.

* "U.S. Students Study Abroad in the Middle East/North Africa: Factors Influencing Growing Numbers"-Cara K. Lane-Toomey of The American University in Cairo and Shannon R. Lane of Adelphi University investigate the motivations, attitudes, and aspects of human capital that influence study abroad destination choice using data from a cross-sectional survey and focus groups of U.S. undergraduate study abroad students.

* "The Role of Cultural Background and Team Divisions in Developing Social Learning Relations in the Classroom"-Bart Rienties and Peter Alcott of the University of Surrey, Núria Hernández Nanclares of the University of Oviedo, and Divya JindalSnape of the University of Dundee examine how international and domestic students from different cultural backgrounds build learning and work relationships with other students in and outside their classroom.

* "Mediating the Use of Global University Rankings: Perspectives from Education Facilitators in an International Context"- Catherine O'Connell and Murray Saunders of Lancaster University explore responses to rankings from a group of staff working as education partnership facilitators for the British Council.

* "Commenting on Western Open Courses by Chinese Learners"-Jingfeng Xia of Indiana University examines web comments written by Chinese students taking online open courses originally produced by leading U.S. and UK universities and later introduced to China with Chinese translation.

* "The Rhetoric of Study Abroad: Perpetuating Expectations and Results Through Technological Enframing"-Sarah C. Bishop of the University of Pittsburgh analyzes the visual and verbal rhetoric found on websites of the three U.S. universities that sent the most students abroad during the 2009-2010 school year.

* "Legitimacy in Cross-Border Higher Education: Identifying Stakeholders of International Branch Campuses"-Christine A. Farrugia of the State University of New York and Jason Lane of the Nelson A. …

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