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What's Happening with the Two Versions of Nymphomaniac?

Magazine article Screen International

What's Happening with the Two Versions of Nymphomaniac?

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Lars von Trier is 'happy' with the two versions of the film; read Screen's exclusive interview with Zentropa producer Louise Vesth to find out the details.

Zentropa producer Louise Vesth has confirmed to Screen International the launch plans for the two versions of Lars von Trier's much-anticipated Nymphomaniac.

The shorter four-hour version will launch in Denmark on Christmas Day followed by release in other territories in the first quarter of 2014.

Lars von Trier's longer, more sexually explicit, approximately 5.5-hour cut will be launched several months later. In addition to the longer running time, that version also has more close-ups of genitals.

"It was written recently that this was done against his will, and that's definitely not the case," Vesth explained to Screen on a call from Copenhagen.

"Lars told me he was happy that we could do it this way, for him it was very important that we have a long version for artistic reasons but he understands that we meet the wishes for distribution. It's in his interest that the film is able to be seen in the different territories.

"This was the way to even make the film at all. If we only had one version he would have had to make more compromises and distributors all over the world would have had to censor it themselves because of various censorship practices.

"It's a way for the broader public to be able to see the film. Both versions are suitable for the public, but of course when you go very explicit you will squeeze the possibilities of distribution."

Two parts

As planned from the project's inception, both versions of the project are in two parts -- the four-hour version is 2 x 2 hours, the 5.5-hour version is likely to be about 2.5 hours for part one and then three hours for part two.

"We decided the short version would go into distribution first so we can send the same film out to the whole world and then, after that, we will prepare the long version for distribution," she continued.

"We don't know how and where that one will be distributed. It will be later in 2014."

While the shorter version is edited to be less explicit with close-up, don't expect a Disney movie. "There is a lot of nudity and sex in the short version," Vesth reassured. "It's not like we put in other scenes or its suddenly telling another story or it's cutting up the scenes in a different way. …

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