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Magazine article In These Times


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Rein in the banks

Great article on a grim picture ("The New Populists," November). But it's another reminder that Main Street sleeps while Wall Street mints money. What happened to the Occupy Wall Street movement? I wonder why there is no popular support for these movements and reforms?


I know it's a slow process to put and keep commonsense practices in place ("The New Populists"). I hope the powers and signatures required to implement Glass-Steagall will be forthcoming. We have to recognize and prosecute those that led and progressed the corporate systems that are entrenched in the United States today. The federal and state governments have a long way to go to get the people's trust back.

Georgann Putintsev

A tale of two Texases

In a way, Texas is like anywhere else ("The Children Left Behind," November). If you have the money, you can afford to live in some little hamlet where these problems can be looked at from a distance. Further away from these neighborhoods, life may start to seem more like a soft-core version of Guantánamo. I read a story in a local newspaper not too long ago about a girl who had been caught for truancy. As punishment, she was required to check in with a truant officer several times a day using a cell phone that could track her movements.

These problems are the result of a systematic effort to externalize the negative consequences of how business is conducted in this country-the results are predictable, and almost inevitable. …

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