Magazine article The New Crisis


Magazine article The New Crisis


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Weighing In on J.C. Watts

Having one's picture on the cover of The Crisis is an honor that should be reserved for individuals whose life work is an example of higher values and dedication toward helping racial minorities in this country. I was disappointed to see Rep. J.C. Watts' smiling face on the cover of the previous issue [November/ December 2002]. Isn't this the same J.C. Watts whose face was depicted in hundreds of political photos standing behind former speaker Newt Gingrich, smiling his acquiescence as legislation against worker's rights, minority rights and education was being rammed through the House of Representatives? Who will we see next? A smiling Clarence Thomas or Colin Powell?

Montana Dedman

Oxford, N. C.

Terence Samuel was correct when he started his excellent article by stating that "at the moment" there are no Black governors or U.S. Senators. As of Jan. 15, 2003, however, there will be an African American lieutenant governor - Michael Steele of Maryland. He, too, is a Republican. Hopefully, Steele's election is just the beginning of a movement by the Republicans to move back to their roots of Abraham Lincoln.

David R. Craig, Mayor

Havre de Grace, Md.

All Hall the Chief

Thank you for the article on our chief of police Charles A. Moose, Ph.D., in the November/December issue. While the article correctly pointed out that Chief Moose became the face of the task force, you missed an opportunity to highlight the fact that he also provided tremendous leadership during the entire ordeal.

In addition to forming a close working relationship with other agencies notably the FBI and ATF - Chief Moose continued to motivate his officers, while simultaneously providing a sense of comfort to the community.

Those of us who work with him on a daily basis are fortunate to have him as a model to follow.

John A. King

Assistant Chief of Police

Montgomery County, Md.

Blacks In Ecuador

The [continuing struggle] of Blacks in Ecuador ["A New Day for Blacks in Ecuador," November/December] made me wonder how Black Cubans are doing these days. Change "Ecuador" to "Cuba" and you could have been talking about the nation's Blacks under the Funicielo Batista regime.

But now under Fidel Castro, a man who is said to be proud of his African roots, Cuba's Blacks should be among the most advanced in Latin America.

William T Atwater

Providence, R.I.

String Sensation

Thank you for your article "String Sensations: Black Classic and Jazz Violinists" [September/October]. The article was very confirming for our family concerning our heritage as it relates to string instruments. Our 11-year-old daughter Christa is a sixth grade honor student who has been studying the violin since age three. She has been blessed to perform at the inaugural celebration of the Wilmington Mayor Harper Peterson. She was also a featured artist at the 2002 NAACP Youth Night held in Wilmington, N. …

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