Developments in Technology: Accounting

Article excerpt

The architecture of the next generation of accounting software is being designed to operate on multiple platforms. These platforms include different operating environments, network configurations, client-server databases, interfaces, and applications.

ACCPAC Plus 6.0, for example, currently runs on DOS and OS/2. Future versions are planned for Windows, Windows NT, and X. The operating system itself, however, will be transparent to the user, as the menu structure and user-interface of each particular accounting module will be exactly the same. Only the system manager will vary for different operating systems.

Accounting software is being designed for a variety of databases and network architectures. Regardless of the database and network system used, the security and integrity of the database must be preserved. ACCPAC Plus' LanPak, for example, accomplishes this by providing both file and record locking features.

Accounting software no longer handles accounting functions alone. The accounting database can also be used for a host of managerial and operational functions. An example of this is the use of an accounts receivable database to perform credit analyses of customers or examine payment trends. Another example is the automation of the billing process. …


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