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If your students are experiencing trouble with triangles, these resources will have them fluent in the teachings of Pythagoras and the basics of trigonometry quicker than you can say a2 + b2 = c2.

1. Perfect Pythagoras

What is it? An introduction to Pythagoras' theorem

What users say "These are great resources, and I've used them for two years in a row - thanks so much!"

2. Square the triangle

What is it? A spreadsheet that provides opportunities for students to solve Pythagoras-based questions and problems

What users say "A one-stop shop for customisable Pythagoras problems."

3. Just be cos

What is it? A set of lesson plans for teaching an introductory unit on trigonometry

What users say "A really clear and well-thought-out series of PowerPoint lessons. Thanks for sharing this resource, which clearly represents many hours of preparation."

4. Treasured trig

What is it? A treasure hunt in which students move around the classroom in response to trigonometry questions

What users say "A fun and engaging way to consolidate understanding and maybe end a lesson topic on trigonometry."

5. Looped lines

What is it? Two sets of loop cards for a game in which students have to find lengths and angles using trigonometry

What users say "Great resource - thanks. …

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