DacEasy, Inc., Releases Flagship, Version 5.0: Fully Customizable Managerial Accounting System

Article excerpt

Flagship, Version 5.0 is a fully-customizable managerial accounting system designed to grow with users' needs.

Flagship uses the MASS (Market Adaptive Solution Specific) customization approach. With business environments continually changing, Flagship is a modular, modifiable system which can control these changes and growth. In addition, the system's ease of use and flexibility facilitates ongoing, specific system improvement without disruptive changes. Client's systems can be updated without changing custom developed code.

Flagship provides multi-currency transactions which allow users to invoice and receive payments in up to 99 currencies. The system also allows for multi-user and multi--warehouse applications. The Flagship application is machine independent, thus it can be transported onto UNIX, XENIX, and AX platforms while maintaining one set of application code.

4GL Developer Tools can be used to write modifications and create vertical market applications. The 4GL permits changes to data files, screens, and reports without writing code. Code when required for functions is written in a simple text-oriented language that is part of the Developer's Kit.

Modules being released at this time are System Manager (DOS and Network), Accounting Manager, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Payroll, Purchase Order, and Sales Order. …


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