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Sigma Delta Chi Awards: Spot News Reporting: CBS News

Magazine article The Quill

Sigma Delta Chi Awards: Spot News Reporting: CBS News

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CBS News

Charles Kaye, Jesse Schulman Jerusalem pedestrian mall bombing he time span covered by this coverage was very short-the few minutes immediately after Jesse Schulman arrived at the bombing site.

"Those few minutes hide a lot of preparation, though, and a lot of time spent living a hair-trigger life," Schulman said. "That's what enabled me to get there as early as I did, while the scene was still 'hot'-while rescue services were still evacuating wounded, while survivors were still reeling in shock, and while police were still warning that there might be another bomb about to explode.

"During those few crucial minutes, what it took was intense, disciplined concentration to chronicle as much as possible as quickly as possible," he said.

Schulman has worked in the Middle East since 1982 and as a correspondent in Israel since 1992.

"Some reporting in Israel involves patient development of a story; other times it requires having the eye to see something quirky that would make interesting broadcasting," Schulman said. "Sometimes, when the fat hits the fire on the West Bank or in Gaza, it's knowing how to get close enough to the fighting for drama without getting your head caved in by a rock or blown open by a bullet."

Bombings, he said, are just about the biggest stories that that dateline produces. What it takes is to be perfectly preparedand never relax for an instant.

"You learn to listen, after every bang, for the sound of a jet. If you hear the jet, it was just a sonic boom," Schulman said. …

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