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Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

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Is 'chalk and talk' due a revival?

I watched Brian Cox's The Science of Doctor Who on BBC Two the other night. It was predominantly an old-fashioned lecture with a couple of experiments and a blackboard. I found it both fascinating and informative. This proves that you can teach anybody anything if you have a) knowledge of the subject and b) an enthusiasm for communication. All the technology in the world won't make a bad communicator into a good teacher.


I haven't had a blackboard for years.


Chalk and talk is my preferred learning style and method of delivery. Shame the great and good of pedagogy frown on it.


We are told we must talk for no more than four minutes. Our headteacher would have slated Professor Cox. I thought he was fab.


Where were the professor's mini plenaries? He never checked if his audience had made progress. Bloody useless!


I've not been teaching long but I find the endless PowerPoints and touchy- pointy interactivey-whiteboardy stuff a bit pointless. …

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