UDC Censured by Association of University Professors

Article excerpt

WASHINGTON, D.C. -The American Association of University Professors has put the University of the District of Columbia on its list of censured schools, saying UDC violated association procedures when it laid off 125 full-time faculty members in February 1997 during a budget crisis.

While none of the released faculty were tenured, many had senioritv and were considered to be on continuous appointment.

The school's trustees authorized the layoffs after the city's financial control board declared the university to be in a state of fiscal crisis and instructed the trustees to approve new reduction-in-force procedures for the faculty. The association says that move was in violation of provisions of their collective bargaining agreement with the faculty respecting seniority rights, notice, and severance salary.

The association called the six weeks of severance pay that the laid-off faculty received "shockingly scant." Additionally, the association said that the reduction-in-force procedures gave President Julius Nimmons too much discretion in designating who was to be released. "The method for identifying appointments for termination invited highly personalized, arbitrary, and capricious selection," association officials said in a statement. …


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