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Magazine article Tate Etc.


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Stephen Guise,

4th Estate Publishers, UK

Dear Mr. Guise,

Following up on previous correspondence with Tate Liverpool, we take this opportunity to present a proposal. Before which we musttell you how glad we are that 4th Estate will reprint Raymond Williams's Keywords. It's been heartening to see how exhibition-making might play a rôle in much larger public gestures. Thank you.

The proposal -for the cover of this reprint - is derived from a writing style which we have developed together for the 'Keywords' exhibitions to date - at Iniva, London1, continuing at Tate Liverpool in February-curated by Gavin Delahunty and Grant Watson. A selection of keywords will be drawn at a very large size, on the walls of the gallery spaces, where, unlike a caption or wall text, meaning is not directly ascribed to a work on show. The space between works and words is where a visitor should actively produce his or her own meaning.

Our keywords are drawn at a large scaleimagine an "o" being the size of your head. Through enlargement, we are "making public", or drawing a public-sized attention to gestures and words thatin such fluent productions as speech or writing - might normally be produced in sequence, unread and unnoticed. We see language's workings as analogous to other social constructions: made up of parts whose relationships are fluid and aren't hindered by explanation. It is this enlargement of handwriting's finger-movements, to similar gestures made by arms drawing at this scale, that ties our drawings to the public-ation of Williams's Keywords. To do this, we developed a perspex template2, allowing us to construct seemingly fluid lines, in separate parts3. This is a little like a French curve-each part's different curvature is guided by the template.

Key to understanding the nature of this work is the production of this "template" as opposed to a "stencil". …

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