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Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

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Blondie proved there was nothing dull about parallel lines, and these resources will help students to get their heads around all sorts of angle- based conundrums.

1. Right angle

What is it? A challenge to work out the missing angles for a computer programmer, using knowledge of parallel lines and their angle properties

What users say "What a fun resource. I love it when materials make me smile."

2. Line them up

What is it? A simple worksheet on angles in parallel lines. Makes an excellent starting point for probing student knowledge and promoting mathematical discussion

What users say "Really useful."

3. Angular miracle

What is it? An interactive whiteboard activity offering information on angles in a quadrilateral, alternate angles, corresponding angles and interior angles

What users say "Fantastic. Just what I needed for weaker students."

4. Right lines

What is it? Twenty quick questions on angles, mostly in parallel lines, which could be completed on mini-whiteboards or in a quiz

What users say "This is excellent. I will put it on the network so my students can work on it individually."

5. Royal Holness

What is it? A variation on classic TV quiz Blockbusters, with questions on angle rules

What users say "This works really well. Thank you very much for sharing - it must have taken a while to write."

6. Circles time

What is it? Students are presented with five questions on circle theorems, and two answers for each. …

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