Magazine article The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

The Latino Report Card - the Year That Wasn't

Magazine article The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

The Latino Report Card - the Year That Wasn't

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ooking at 2013 and trying to take stock of the state Miand the ups and downs of the U.S Latino community, I'd say that overall it was a bummer. Well, maybe not, and trying not to be too critical or disparaging, I could soften it up a bit, with the line in one of Mel Brooks' movies, "not good, not bad... nice!"

Nice in that there weren't any dramatic happenings or upheavals, politically, sociological and economically in 2013 that seriously affected the national Latino constituency. Save for a few issues that continue to define it, the U.S. Latino community is seriously integrating itself into the American fabric.

It's becoming less and less a stand-alone community as it was not that long ago, and more and more Latinos continue to be blended into American society although its distinct characteristics of ethnicity will always define it.

It's destined to eventually knock some of its advocacy organizations out of business which exist on the premise that the quest for equality and opportunity and its safeguards is ongoing and therefore needs constant vigilance and protection.

Maybe so, probably not.

Remember the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, (NACCP), which was at the forefront of the civil rights movement in preMartin Luther King times in the 1960s. The NACCP is still around but it lost some of its relevancy among the black community once it was overtaken and upstaged by the kinship King forces which successfully battled for equality and opportunity now so prevalent and impressively successful for this minority community.

There's the argument among some Latinos that the black quest has been overdone and overcompensated at their expense but there is also the contention, particularly among blacks, that the black minority has always had a longer road to travel and greater obstacles to overcome.

The Latino community is not there yet, and it's true that the case for civil rights and socioeconomic opportunities has never been as challenging among Latinos as it has for blacks although you may get some arguments over that.

In the past year, Latinos really had only one broad issue - widespread but not that passionate - against American society and its current national governance and that was immigration.

Their hero, Barack Obama, says he's on their side while deporting a record number of Latinos since he took office. …

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