Magazine article Stage Directions

Let the Sun Shine

Magazine article Stage Directions

Let the Sun Shine

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Colors and transitions shine on the Chauvet Professional C-640FC LED Cyc Wash

Traditionally, lighting designers turned to large, multi-cell boxes or strip lights to provide an even wash. Those are still around-both incandescent and LED sources-but over the past couple years, manufacturers have re-thought that design and started producing smaller fixtures with beam angles. Chauvet Professional took that a step further with their Ovation C-640FC.

What It Is

Part of Chauvet Professional's Ovation line of LED fixtures for the theatrical market, the C-640FC is designed with a color temperature to work with the incandescents currently in your rig. The small Ovation C-640FC (just over 1 square-foot at its base) is reminiscent of an architectural fixture. The fixture is designed to be able to be either a groundrow or hung from an electric. For easy cabling, Chauvet has designed the C-640FC with the 5- and 3-pin DMX in's and PowerCon in's on one side, with the outs on the opposite side. At just 175W max power draw per fixture at 120V, nine C-640FC's can be power linked together off a single 20amp circuit.

The C-640FC features two banks of LEDs placed on top of each other offset by 45 degrees. Each bank has 32 LEDs (a mixture of red green, blue, amber and white) and is individually tilt-able for even coverage on almost any cyc height. The two banks are independently controllable depending on which mode you're operating the light in. The fixture has 11 modes, using three to 18 DMX channels depending on how much of a control freak you want to be. Finding the right mode for your needs is all based on how you plan to use the fixture in your production and the limitations of channel counts of your controller.

I put the unit into PIX3 mode which uses 12 DMX channels and gave me individual bank control, then used the color controls in the split banks to create a setting sun look with a slow cross fade that changed into a stunning evening scene. …

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