Magazine article Stage Directions

Cycology 101

Magazine article Stage Directions

Cycology 101

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We throw the ETC Source Four LED'S color up against the wall

With the LED Cyc light ETC has set out to change the way we think about cyc lighting.

"Accessorize to maximize" is an often quoted slogan of retail sales and ETC has followed this maxim with the introduction of its LED Cyc light. This ingenious unit is offered as an accessory to ETC's very popular line of Source Four LED fixtures or "engines" as they are often dubbed. ETC proclaims, "It's like having a paintbrush right on stage."

The ETC LED Cyc Light replaces the lens tube on the Source Four LED luminaire. As you would expect from ETC's x7 color system, the color rendition of this unit is excellent. A 40-foot-wide-by-20-foothigh cyclorama or backdrop requires only six or seven Cyc Lights at a setback of three feet to produce even coverage. Operating at a 65° throw angle, units can be placed in accordance with the 2:1 spacing formula (for every one foot back there can be two feet between luminaires). While this is the spacing of traditional fixtures, it is almost impossible to produce a direct comparison with incandescent single-cell or three-cell unit. The richness and range of color is simply not achievable by conventional means.

Size and Shape

Based on an optically precise mirror and diffuser, the ETC Cyc attachment creates a footprint somewhat larger than a traditional cyc light, but is lightweight and rugged. The units cannot be nested but could travel in a slotted flight case. …

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