Routledge Publishes First Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Philosophy in 30 Years

Article excerpt

Calling it possibly the most ambitious publishing project undertaken in a generation, Routledge has announced the publication of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Its publisher claims that this comprehensive encyclopedia of philosophy is the first to be published simultaneously in print and fully interactive electronic formats.

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy offers in-depth coverage of traditional subject areas-from Aristotle to Aquinas, Spinoza to Symbolic Interactionism-but also offers less traditional topics including contemporary issues, New Age ideas, science, mathematics, and religious concepts, as well as those on the cutting edge of philosophical study, including fuzzy logic, virtue ethics, virtue epistemology, and vagueness. With 78,000 index entries, 1,300 authors, 2,056 articles, and 8,000 pages, it is a complete, inclusive, culturally diverse philosophy reference, equally accessible to the armchair philosopher and the academic professional, according to the company.

Although it is often quoted that "in philosophy the questions do not change, only the answers," Edward Craig, the general editor of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Knightsbridge Professor Elect at the University of Cambridge, begs to differ. In the 30 years since an extensive encyclopedia of philosophy has been published, scores of new topics have arisen in philosophy, and extensive changes have occurred in existing specialties. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy provides new and detailed coverage of areas never before explored in a comprehensive work, including these examples:

The philosophy of the mind has changed significantly with the rise of cognitive science.

Changes in the philosophy of the mind and in linguistics have transformed the philosophy of language.

Feminism, though in existence for decades, has fully developed as an academic subject and branch of philosophy only in the past generation.

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy offers comprehensive coverage of the philosophies of many cultures, among them Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, African, Latin American, Arabic, and Jewish philosophy, as well as Continental European and Anglo-American philosophy. …


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