Magazine article Monthly Review

Fifty Years Ago

Magazine article Monthly Review

Fifty Years Ago

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At some time we must examine the root causes of our backwardness and our relations with those who claim they want to help us.

We must note their own contradictions and dilemmas. We must take note not only of what they preach but of what they actually practice.

If the freedom and democracy they extol means the subjection of our economies, the despoliation of our wealth, the exploitation of our people's labor, the importation of an empty, barren, pleasure-seeking culture, let us tell them out with it.

If the gifts they bring us are so many Trojan horses, let us tell them we have had enough of colonialism. We do not want neo-colonialist chains____

Whichever side you are on, whatever you do, remember this: the masses of the world are no longer content to be exploited and humiliated.

They are on the move. They are determined to abolish wage slavery as their forefathers abolished chattel slavery. …

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