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Magazine article Public Finance


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Austerity stories

Carys Afoko argued that government critics need to tell a more convincing story to counter the chancellor's claims

-» EDWARD HARKINS: Well called. Some social housing professionals have seemingly swallowed the coalition's line on'fairness' on the bedroom tax-as in it's not fair some poor people suffer less than their next-door neighbours, so the 'fair' answer is to cut the benefits. Hearteningly, recent polling indicates the UK public maybe starting to rej ect this false idea of what is fair. Moreover, part of the coalition's 'fairness' is that if you are a rich landowner or landlord, it's fair you benefit from state welfare.

Taxing questions

Dan Corry said new plans to encourage social enterprises raise difficult issues

-> HEIDI HARRIS: Social enterprises are fundamentally not-for-profits. They are making profits, but unlike traditional businesses, they use those profits for social good. Therefore, tax relief that supports organisations to increase sales, expand, trade more and generate more profits is potentially viable for investors, and creates additional benefits in communities. …

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