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A Bridge Too Far? Not Likely

Magazine article Sojourners Magazine

A Bridge Too Far? Not Likely

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SINCE THE 2014 election could be the most decisive political moment in a generation, the most important question is: Who will be Hillary's running mate in 2016?

The second big question is: What else does Chris Christie have to do to make other Republican presidential hopefuls slip back into the wood- work? What part of "you want a piece of me?" don't they understand? Have they no fear of-just to choose something at random-major traf- fic delays in their districts? Are they currently enjoying their drinking water or other public utilities? Do they like their kneecaps?

A bit harsh, perhaps, especially regarding a man whose political obituary is already being written, and whose Wikipedia entry may one day not start with "45th president of the United States," but with the phrase "Angry Birds spokesperson."

But Chris Christie is a survivor. He may be only six Twinkies away from not being governor of New Jersey (assuming that he eats them all in one sitting), but he enjoys a strong approval rating and, at this writing, is still innocent of all accusations against him, including humility. His only real threats for the nomination are Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush, who is currently trying to be adopted by a family with a differ- ent last name.

The influence scandal that has roiled Christie's staff and highlighted his strong negatives happened, after all, in New Jersey. And what happens in New Jersey stays in New Jersey because, for their own protection, witnesses tend to fugetaboutit.

WHEN I READ that a member of Chris Christie's staff emailed an associate stating "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee," it sounded familiar, and not just because I've driven past the Fort Lee entrance to the George Washington Bridge and there are always traffic delays. Actually, "driven" might be a misnomer, since it implies forward momentum. …

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