Identity and Marginality: Rethinking Christianity in North East Asia

Article excerpt

Identity and Marginality: Rethinking Christianity in North East Asia. Edited by Werner Ustorf and Toshiko Murayama. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2000. Pp. 250. E40.40 / $42.95 / L27.

This book, a collection of papers from international seminars held in Birmingham in 1997 and 1998, reflects mainly the voices of theologians in Northeast Asia. Although the themes of both seminars are mission related, most of the papers collected in this volume do not seem to address directly issues related to mission in Asia.

The first three papers touch on the issue of Christology. R. S. Sugirtharajah traces three Indian Hindu descriptions of Jesus in the nineteenth century. Xinzhong Yao examines how traditional Chinese Confucians perceived Jesus. Lee Hong Jung proposes a new Christology to be based on the minjung experience.

Edmond Tang and Bob Whyte write on the changes and challenges of contemporary Chinese Christianity. Four authors-Kim Yong Bock, Hwang Hong Eyoul, Jong-sik Chang, and Brian Castleexamine various aspects of Korean minjung theology. …


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