Islam, Christianity, and the West: A Troubled History

Article excerpt

Islam, Christianity, and the West: A Troubled History. By Rollin Armour, Sr. Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, 2002. Pp. xv, 197. Paperback $25.

One of a number of "9 / 11" volumes that appeared last year, Rollin Armour's book has been nearly a decade in the making. He takes the World Trade Centerbombing in 1993 and its final destruction in 2001 as historical "bookends" for the material covered. His stated goal is to contribute to better mutual understanding between the West and the Islamic world.

Armour, professor emeritus in the Department of Christianity at Mercer University, Macon, Georgia, encourages Christians to learn more about the history and theology of Islam and about the mutual engagements, both intellectual and internecine, that have characterized the long history of these traditions. The information he provides about Christian responses to Islam over the centuries is considerably richer than that of Islamic material about Christians, to which he makes only passing reference. Nonetheless, he engages very important issues in this work, making good his promise to suggest ways in which the intellectual-theological and the militarypolitical themes of our mutual histories are intertwined. …


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