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Men and Women.More Alike Than Different

Magazine article Work & Family Life

Men and Women.More Alike Than Different

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The view that "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" may be popular, but it describes a world that doesn't exist, according to psychologists Bobbi Carothers of Washington University in St. Louis and Harry Reis of the University of Rochester. They say that many of the old notions about innate differences between men and women simply don't hold up under scrutiny.

In their study, Drs. Carothers and Reis looked at different attributes such as sexual attitudes and behavior, desired mate characteristics, interest in and ease of learning science, and intimacy, empathy, social support and caregiving in relationships.

Among 13,000 participants, they found that men and women "overlapped considerably" on their frequency of science-related activities, interest in casual sex and the allure of a potential mate's virginity.

"Even stereotypical traits such as assertiveness or valuing close friendships, fell along a continuum," they said. "In other words, we found little or no evidence of categorical distinctions based on sex."

The report of their findings, "Men and Women Are From Earth: Examining the Latent Structure of Gender," was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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