African Proverbs CD: Collections, Studies, Bibliographies

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African Proverbs CD: Collections, Studies, Bibliographies. CD-ROM edited by Stan Nussbaum. Colorado Springs, Colo.: Global Mappinglnternational, 1996. $99.95 in the United States, discounts available from African distributors. The African Proverbs Project (APP), an impressive effort to map the proverbs of the whole continent of Africa, produced a CD-ROM. This compact disk is a multifaceted electronic research tool that contains the equivalent of 140 floppy disks. It cites over 28,000 proverbs in dozens of African languages. The three "electronic volumes" include Studies, Reference Books, and Maps; Proverb Collections (African Proverbs Series and Proverbs for Preaching and Teaching Series); and three bibliographies.

It contains a gold mine of useful information. By checking the Ethnologue, I found there are 213,000 Kuria language speakers in northwestern Tanzania. By using the "Template 1" button, I found ten African proverbs on the theme of violence, with their sources. What collection has the largest number of African proverbs? First is 6,813 Malgache proverbs from Madagascar, and second is Hausa in Nigeria with 6,407 proverbs. Any part of this CD can be cut and pasted into a document or sent instantly to the printer. Such an ambitious project is bound to have some gaps or weaknesses. …